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Dear Guest,
Thank you for being so interested in Fast Track College. We are a non-profit private institution and our target is to assist needy students in getting access to Secondary education within the cluster of towns and villages around our environs and across the county. The main objective of initiating this vital course is to reduce the hardship students passed through to get access to education some years back. I had personally been walking from Canaan to Bedomase to get access to Basic School Education. I walked 8km daily to go to school-one can do the numerical calculation for a week, term, and academic year. The stress alone discouraged many of my colleagues from attending school.

As an entrepreneur and educationalist from the hardship beginning, I decided to start a Senior High School, Fast Track College and the vantage location was Bedomasi which is the middle of the cluster of towns and villages. It has been a tough task since the start of the school but with Allah and the assistance from our UK partners (Long Dean School-UK, led by Mr. Martin MacDonald) we are progressing gradually towards our ambition and the sky is surely our limit.

Today, our school takes great pride in providing long-life learning opportunities to young people and families in Senior High School. The education they say is the best legacy one can give to his/her child(ren). If you are in the process of seeking a placement for your ward(s), for quality education with eternity in view, I recommend Fast Track College to all parents/guardians who want their wards to reach greater heights in education. God richly bless you for visiting our website.